Ronchata – recipe for the coctail from ron+horchata

Ronchata – with a flower background

Ronchata is a slightly alcoholic beverage (approximately 13% alc. vol.), consisting of horchata (otherwise orxata; beverage made from tiger nuts), dark cane rum, cinnamon and nutmeg.
It comes (as well as its base horchata) from Valencia, Spain, where it is one of the most famous local specialities and enjoys a high popularity among locals and tourists. The name Ronchata was created by combining words Ron and horchata.

Ronchata preparation:

(volume 0.75 l)

  1. Put in the shaker:
    • 100 ml of extract of tiger nuts (in Valencia and the surrounding area, it is possible to buy in Consum, next to fruit juices)
    • 400 ml of water
    • 250 ml of dark cane rum (equivalent to 6 fuller drops of 0.04 l)
    • crushed cinnamon (approximately 12 larger pinches)
    • crushed nutmeg (approximately 2 larger pinches)
  2. Shake, not stir
  3. Cool down
  4. Pour into glass with a higher stem, in the shape of a wide tulip (sample), adorn with two dark straws and a paper umbrella
  5. Serve – bon appetit!

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